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 Urgent Hacking News!

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Urgent Hacking News! Empty
PostSubject: Urgent Hacking News!   Urgent Hacking News! EmptyThu Mar 08, 2012 8:02 pm

It has come to my attention thanks to 1Joe1 and yasserooo(Haxorg) that a few accounts have been hacked.

"Cysero" logged in as:
Admin: Vikommedia
Owner: Me
Owner: 1Joe1
Owner: yourmindjust
Owner: Joe (Alternate account for normal 1Joe1)
He also tried to log in as "Console" which wasn't even an account.
Builder: Xephos
Default: Honeydew
Default: Notch

1Joe1 has been a fake 1Joe1 for the past 4 days. The fake 1Joe1 also was griefing, so I'm sorry to anyone
who got their buildings destroyed.

Whitelisting didn't seem to help either, so unfortunately I will have to get either CAuth or AuthMe
so users can choose a password and this won't happen again.

I'm looking into this issue and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Thanks for your cooperation, Smile
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Urgent Hacking News!
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