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 Nodus Hacking Parade

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Nodus Hacking Parade Empty
PostSubject: Nodus Hacking Parade   Nodus Hacking Parade EmptySun Mar 11, 2012 10:21 pm

Some of you may already know we got hacked tonight.
It was the worst there was in months, and I mean it this time.

Apparently some hackers advertised the server with Nodus, a famous hacking
client on the IRC [Internet Chat Relay] and we got paraded with around 20 hackers.
We got spammed multiple times, and there were some reports of griefing.

I had to whitelist the server for a while to keep them out.

The people advertising were idreamz and I think coalas. There was around 8-10 people
banned from this.
I will be working with the staff to get this problem fixed.
The server may be whitelisted from now on, and the only working
password plugin is AuthMe so far, so I'll have to add that.


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Nodus Hacking Parade
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