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 Server Updates 1.2.4

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Server Updates 1.2.4 Empty
PostSubject: Server Updates 1.2.4   Server Updates 1.2.4 EmptySun Mar 25, 2012 7:38 pm


I just updated everything.
Firstly, bukkit was updated to 1.2.4, and I added around 20 new plugins!

I'd also like NZMikey for creating the map.
(Took around 24 hours!)
Also about the map, many users noticed the map wasn't up until today.
The map actually got taken down due to griefing and an empty one has been
put in it's place. I restored the original map so everything should be ok now.

(Note: The empty map is still added, to get to it type: /goto Town.)
(If you don't have permissions, message me on hamachi or talk to one of
the staff, only people who helped build the small town in the map and the staff are
allowed in.)

If anyone was wondering why there's rank, permission, and plugin
issues this is why:
I recently fixed permissions by installing group manager and copying
nzmikey's permission list from the other plugin and putting it into the config.
(Of course I organized it, not just copy and pasted it xD)
Oh and OP IS NO LONGER NEEDED! The only reason anyone should be
op anymore is if there is a command not yet added to the permissions .yml file.
Anyone who has op it is temporary.

Anyway, if you wanted to know some new plugin commands:
/debug clock (Lag Test)
/cc shortcut add [name] [url], then do /cc [name] To have the plugin convert
an image to blocks in-game! ONLY direct links can be used!
/towny Towny Command
/npc create [name] Creates an NPC with a custom name! (Be sure to have at
least $75 on the server.)
And many more! Do /help to get the list.

Other Stuff:
You can now store your items in account chests.
You can store xp in ender pearls! Just right and left click.
NoLagg has been added! Expect less lag Smile
If anyone has a plugin request message me!

Oh, and i encourage EVERYONE to report hacking or griefing immediatly.
You can message me on hamachi, message me on the chat website:
do a /calladmin [why] on the server, post a forum page under the section "Report Griefers," or even PM me
on the forum.

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Server Updates 1.2.4
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