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 [Mod application] Jacob61916

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Jacob61916 for Moderator
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No, I'll rather have lady gaga as mod
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[Mod application] Jacob61916 Empty
PostSubject: [Mod application] Jacob61916   [Mod application] Jacob61916 EmptySat Jan 19, 2013 12:37 pm

In-Game Name: Jacob61916
Requested Position: Moderator
Current Position: Member
Reason for Application: To be able to fix griefs and i have helped new people when they join the server like tell them the worlds and rules in that worlds. To help others and when I'm on, i find griefs but there is no admin or moderator onipresent to fix them. I'm on usually when there is barely anyone on. If you don't know me, I have been on since the thanksgiving week I think.
Past Experience:
I have operated my own server for a few months but has died due to funding issues.
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[Mod application] Jacob61916
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